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Welcome to the Tinsley Mortimer Collection


Tinsley’s stunning sense of style and overall aesthetic are contagious!  After spending just a few minutes with Tinsley, you can’t help but be amazed by the unique and completely original design ideas that radiate.  When we first met Tinsley, we were struck by her sense of color.  Not just color in her appearance and fashion sense, but her colorful spirit and personality in general.  Fun, energetic and always ready for the next cocktail reception, dinner party or any casual get-together, Tinsley is a pleasure to be around.


Tinsley’s attention to detail comes very naturally.  She is a descendant of a very prominent and historic Virginia family, in a setting where presentation matters, entertaining takes place with grace and a sense of history, and where old world charm is simply a part of life.  By spending much of her time over the past several years in New York and Palm Beach, Tinsley’s particular taste level has evolved into one that adds a punch of contemporary color pops to a traditional tablescape. The mix-and-match effect is spectacular.


We are thrilled to offer our clients the Tinsley Mortimer collection of home entertaining essentials. 




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