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Welcome to the Lionel Richie Collection


Lionel’s attention to detail is astounding. His old-soul spirit and genuine warmth jumped out at us during our first meeting to discuss what he would like to see in a collection of home entertaining and décor accessories. Lionel clearly takes huge pride in his home, which is cozy and full of personality. Through richly textured fabrics, warm color tones, architectural detail at every step and the eclectic mix of artifacts collected from Lionel’s travels around the world, it is clear that the home is a testament to Lionel’s love for design. And the stories behind so many of the special pieces throughout the property reminded us that any collection produced for Lionel must be truly extraordinary and full of sentiment … as meaningful as the music that he has shared with the world for decades.


The Lionel Richie Home Collection is tasteful and elegant.  It is upscale without being intimidating. It is global in nature, combining an American spirit with attention to detail that is presented in strongly European fashion. Each component of the Collection is full of emotion and has purpose.  Through the Lionel Richie Home Collection we will introduce exquisite fragrances, fascinating textures, and a range of indulgent materials that will add meaning to any décor.


We are honored to offer our clients the Lionel collection and are beyond excited to share his love for home and design with fans worldwide. 




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