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Welcome to the Flo Rida Collection


The Flo Rida Collection is the perfect gift for the man in your life that loves to kick back with family and friends at home.


Always the life of the party, Flo Rida is full of energy and excitement. As we got to know the “real Flo”, we realized how important family, friends and casual get-togethers are to this notorious rapper and pop music sensation. The Flo “look and feel” combines a sense of celebrity bling with high-class living and an affinity for all things beautiful. Rich jewel tones, sleek metallics and fabulous embossed leathers complete this collection of bar essentials and entertaining accessories that are ideal for entertaining at home or living large at a hot bar, nightclub or other hospitality outlet in any setting.


Let the music play and the party begin, and be sure to shop for your favorites from the Flo Rida Collection on hand at all times.


Flo’s favorite piece from The Collection is his signature Prado collection.  The cobalt blue glasses feature a stunning chiseled base.




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