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You'll likely encounter obstacles that are inevitable along the way.  We have experts available to answer your questions 24/7.

Chat with your Ice Princess consultant and get the advice you need.


What we do


Ice Princess Advice offers an objective, secure and confidential line that you can call to speak with a columnist and seasoned experts in Event Planning, Fashion, Travel, Make-up Artistry, Hair Design and more.


Everyone has an opinion.  Sometimes, your family and friends opinions maybe too much and maybe you just need an unbiased professional to listen and assist you with the decisions your facing.   Straight, No Chaser is the flagship collection of long-form topic discussions by Ice Princess Experts. The more detailed explanations complement the information the better the advice we can provide.


Chat with an Expert is where you can initiate Live Chats with our columnist. 

We listen, offer insight to guide, we provide advice and tips on trends, a voice to empower, and compassion to give hope and direction.  




....Need an ear to listen or someone to talk to?

....Feeling overwhelmed?

....Problems and need someone to talk to?


....He proposed, the engagement was magical, you share the news with the world and now the unsolicted advice begins;  Have you set a wedding date?,  where are you getting married?, what color are the bridesmaides dresses?, where are you going on your honeymoon?.  


....You're having a baby;   Do you know the sex?,  what's the babies name?, what's your birth plan?


...what style dress is right for your body type?


...How should I wear my hair?


....I never wear make-up, what's the hottest look this year and what will work for my skin complexion?



Call us at 1-888-407-0964  

See the Meet The Columnist Page for their extensions.

*Flat billing rates and per additional minute rates apply
up to 120 minutes for each Columnist.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Ice Princess NYC Advice is powered by Keeper of The Brand.



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