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Ice Princess NYC is the central hub for everything that is essential to planning your custom special event.   We are giving you entry into Ice Princess World so you can dream the impossible and add those special touches that will make you the host or hostess that covers every detail. 


Custom is our differentiator.  The difference in our product and service is the details we provide in the Ice Princess Fête Atelier.  We capture your style and create your vision from quality finishes, a selection of embellishments, and customization. 


Ice Princess Fête Atelier - a full service fine stationery design studio and boutique.  Collaborate with our professional designers and watch your ideas come alive.  Select one of our designs, add your text, select your font, colors and preview a proof. Orders can ship directly to you or allow Ice Princess fête concierge services to do the work for you.  


At Ice Princess Fête Atelier, we work together to set the tone for your event and create the lasting custom invitation and statement you want. We will create an invitation that shows guests that this is the event that will be the talk of the town…not to be missed....and not to be forgotten.


Ice Princess World concierge service allows us to put the time back in your day from event planning to work - life - special event balance.   Our concierge services are available for invitation assembly, envelope addressing, custom stamps and shipment.


Our array of services will suit your event design. Our team will work with you and be involved from Ah ha moment to event execution.

Ice Princess NYC recommends booking an appointment with one of our specialists, to customize your experience.


To schedule a consultation, please click the button above.



A Welcome Message


Donyshia Boston-HillCEO

 Ice Princess NYC



Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share Ice Princess world with you.  Celebrations allow you to enjoy life to the fullest and we’re here to assist you. Your vision fashionably frugal or luxurious will always be fabulous with Ice Princess NYC products and services. 


I personally selected each section of Ice Princess NYC. The selection process allows you to follow the road to your bliss while planning every occasion.


Today is the day you embrace Ice Princess entertaining and style. I will always provide you with endless design possibilities to ensure your lifestyle shopping experience covers your vision.  If you enjoy entertaining you are in good hands with Ice Princess NYC. 


Please browse to purchase items or simply share your thoughts about Ice Princess NYC!​






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